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High-Performance Boards

The governing body of any organisation is the focal point for good corporate governance and is responsible for setting the tone and direction for the organisation, approving the strategy plan, policies, and business plan, and overseeing the implementation and execution of these plans. Small and medium enterprises tend to overlook the positive impact good governance practices can have on the performance of the organisation as they opt for basic compliance. 

As the governing body matures and more good governance practices are enabled it can become a strategic asset. Strong and effective governing bodies can lead to:

  • Increased organisational value

  • Improved share value

  • Lower cost of capital

  • Improved operational performance

  • Lower risk of damage to reputation

  • Improved decision making

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to governance and it is important to consider the ownership pattern, market, financiers, growth projections, and culture of the organization to find the right balance of power.


SIRDAR is Africa's leading guide, appointer and educator of high-performance boards. Through our affiliation with SIRDAR we make use of their exceptional board-level services. This includes:


  High Performance Board Workshop

  Applied Directorship Programme

  Bespoke Programmes


  Member Search

  Board Appointment


  Board Advisory

  Board Evaluations

  Board-Readiness Assessments

For more information on SIRDAR's Products and Services please click on the download links below

SIRDAR Company Profile

SIRDAR Product and Service Overview


  • Experienced board members providing independent and objective advice.

  • Board performance improvement

  • Constructively drive the implementation of strategy within the organisation.

  • Establishment of an ethical organisational culture.

  • Improved organisational performance.

  • Board evolves and becomes more engaged over time demonstrating effective control and legitimacy.

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