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Business Improvement Advice

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These are the four main components of business improvement.

  • Continuous Improvement is internally focused and the emphasis is on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes thereby reducing your operating costs and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Front End Innovation takes an outward view and enables the business to focus on revenue growth opportunities by addressing unmet customer needs through the introduction of new products and services.

  • Digital Transformation straddles both the internal and external view of the business as it can be applied as a solution enabler for both continuous improvement projects as well as innovation projects.

  • All three of these requires diligent Change Management efforts to ensure that the organisation is prepared and capable of dealing the change efforts.

Leveraging our expertise in all four of these fields we provide board-level advisory services to businesses on how to plan, structure, develop, and deploy capabilities to become successful at all four to the benefit of the organisation and to ultimately achieve the endgame.


  • Strategy and deployment planning.

  • Guidance on best practices, frameworks, and tool selection.

  • Leadership team training and alignment.

  • Guidance on change management planning.

  • External service provider and/or training vendor identification and vetting.

  • Oversite and alignment of implementation with the overall business strategy.

If we could help you move the needle on your EBITDA by 5 to 10% what would the impact be on your business valuation?

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